SAP Basic Interview Question and Answers

33. While designing security policy for an enterprise, which three most important factors should be considered?
    The following three factors should be considered while designing a security policy:
  • Business processes
  • Risk tolerance
  • Legal requirements
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34. Name the component levels at which security is most important in an SAP implementation?
    Security is important at the following component levels in an SAP implementation:
  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Workstation security
  • Operating System security
  • Database security
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35. Define role-based user interface.
  Role –based user interface allows you to control the access of the system by defining roles and attaching them to users. This simplifies the maintenance of authorization matrix of your enterprise.
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36. Explain the Business Blueprint phase of SAP implementations?
  • Business Blueprint is one of the most important phases of a SAP implementation. The entire quality of implementation depends on how seriously business blueprinting was done. It consists of the following activities.
  • As Is Analysis – Refers to the activity in which consultants study the existing business processes. Most of the organizations have some sort of legacy systems. To understand this system and to collect existing data, client interviews are conducted.
  • To Be – Refers to the activity in which consultants propose the new system based on their study of As Is Analysis. It gives a firsthand idea to the client of how the system will function logically post implementation.
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