Logical Puzzles

37. In a game of eight players lasting for 90 minutes, four reserves alternate equally with each player. This means that all players,including the reserves, are on the pitch for exactly the same length of time. For how long is each player on the pitch?
60 minutes.
Total time for 8 players = 8 × 90 = 720 minutes.
However, as 12 people (8 + 4) are on the pitch an equal length of time, they are each on the pitch for 60 minutes (720 ÷ 12 = 6).
38. A B C D E F G H
What letter is three to the right of the letter immediately to the left of the letter three to the left of the letter two to the right of the letter F ?
39. may, rid, bar, sea, ???, den, row, led
What word is missing?
can, pan, pot, hem, leg
Combine the first four words with the second four words, to produce may hem, ridden, barrow, sealed.