Logical Puzzles

18. I bought a sari and a blouse for Rs. 110 at the New Market. The sari cost Rs. 100 more than the blouse, how much does the sari cost?
If the sari cost Rs. 100 and the blouse Rs 10. The difference would be Rs. 90. and.therefore. The sari must cost more and the blouse less. A little thought indicates the sari costs Rs. 105 and the blouse Rs 5. So. the difference in cost is Rs. 100.
19. A circular pipe with an inside diameter of six feet can carry a certain amount of water.How many circular pipes with an inside diameter of one inch will be needed to carry the same amout of water?
The sum of amount of water is 72 2 or 5184.
20. Which is the smallest positive prime which is some multiple of seven less than a cube of a counting number less than ten?
Therefore the smallest positive prime number is 73 - 7 / 48 = 7.