PL/SQL Interview Question and Answers

5. What are the two components of LOB datatype?
    The two components of the LOB datatype are given as follows
  • LOB locator – Refers to a locator, which points to the location in the database where the value is stored. This value is stored along with the record in the table row and is similar to a pointer to the actual location of LOB value.
  • LOB value – Refers to an actual image or value of the LOB datatype.
6. Does Oracle automatically record the dependencies among the schema objects?
  Yes, Oracle automatically records the dependencies among objects through the USER_OBJECTS data dictionary view, where the schema objects have a valid or invalid status.
7. What is a system privilege?
  • A system privilege is the right to perform a particular action in the database.
  • Privileges are granted to a schema.
  • They may be granted to a role, which is turn is granted to schemas.
8. Which privilege is required to be able to drop a trigger?
  The CREATE TRIGGER privilege is required to create, alter and drop triggers in a schema.
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