Applet Interview Question and Answers

5. What is the difference between applications and applets?
  • Application must be run on local machine whereas applet needs no explicit installation on local machine.
  • Application must be run explicitly within a java compatible virtual machine where as applet loads and runs itself automatically in a java enabled browser.
  • Application starts execution with its main method whereas applet starts execution with its init method.
  • Application can run with or without graphical user interface whereas applet must run within a graphical user interface.
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6. When is update method called?
  • Whenever we minimize, maximize, restart the applet and explicitly calling the repaint() method in the code.
  • Repaint() method will implicitly call the update() method.
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7. How will you communicate between two applets?
  By creating URL objects, URLConnection object and getting InputStream, OutputStream Using getInputStream(), getOutputStream().
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8. How do I load a serilalized applet?
  Instead of specifying the CODE attribute of an
OBJECT = TheApplet.ser
WIDTH =300
HEIGHT = 300
This allows you to pre-initialize your applet to some saved state, instead of having to reinitialize your applet each time it is loaded.
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