Java JSB Servlets Question and Answers

49. What do you understand by JSP Translation?
  JSP translators generates standard Java code for a JSP page implementation class. This class is essentially a servlet class wrapped with features for JSP functionality.
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50. What are the different ways we can maintain state between requests?
  Following are the different ways of maintaining states between stateless requests
  • URL rewriting
  • Cookies
  • Hidden fields
  • Sessions
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51. What are JSP Output Comments?
  JSP Output Comments are the comments that can be viewed in the HTML source file.
<!- This file displays the user login screen -> and
<!- This page was loaded on
<%= (new java.util.Date() ). toLocaleString () %> ->
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52. What are the differences between Servlets and Applets?
  • Servlets are server side components that runs on the Servlet container.
  • Applets are client components and run on the web browsers.
  • Servlets have no GUI interface.
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