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56. What are all the different scope values for the <jsp:useBean> tag?
  <jsp:useBean> tag is used to use any java object in the jsp page. Here are the scope values for <jsp:useBean> tag:
session and
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57. What types of comments are available in the JSP?
  There are two types of comments allowed in the JSP. These are hidden and output comments. A hidden comment does not appear in the generated output in the html, while output comments appear in the generated output.
Example of a hidden comment:
<% This is a hidden comment -%>
Example of an output comment:
<!- This is an output comment ->
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58. How will you handle the Runtime Exception in your jsp page?
  The errorPage attribute of the page directive can be used to catch run time exceptions automatically and then forwarded to an error processing page.
For example:
<%@ page errorPage = "customerror.jsp" % >
The above code forwards the request to "customerror.jsp" page if an uncaught exception is encountered during request processing. Within "customererror.jsp" , you must indicate that it is an error processing page, via the directive:
<%@ page isErrorPage= "true" %>.
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