Java Struts Question and Answers

1. What are struts?
  • A Web Page Development Framework.
  • Struts combines Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, custom tags and message resources into a unified framework.
  • It is a cooperative, synergistic platform, suitable for development teams, independent developers and everyone between.
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2. What are the core classes of the struts framework?
  Core classes of struts framework are
  • ActionForm
  • Action
  • ActionMapping
  • ActionForward, ActionServlet etc.
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3. What are the components of struts?
  Struts is based on the MVC design pattern. Struts components can be categorized into Model, View and Controller.
  • Model : Components like business logic/business processes and data are the part of model.
  • View: JSP, HTML etc. are part of view.
  • Controller: Action Servlet of Struts is part of controller components which works as front controller to handle all the requests.
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4. What is LookupDispatchAction?
  An abstract Action that dispatches to the subclass mapped execute method. This is useful in cases where an HTML form has multiple submit buttons with the same name. The button name is specified by the parameter property of the corresponding ActionMapping.
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