Oracle Streams Interview Question and Answers

1. What is DRM?
  • DRM offers a component based approach to resource allocation management.
  • It allows you to create resource plans, which specify resource allocation to various consumer groups. You can group users based on the resource requirement.
  • DRM offers an easy to use and flexible system by defining distinct independent components.
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2. What are the components or elements of DRM?
  The three main components or elements of DRM are given as follows:
  • Resource consumer groups
  • Resource plans
  • Resource plan directives
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3. What is a resource allocation method?
  • This parameter is used to define the method used to allocate database resource.
  • There can be many different resource allocation methods, such as CPU method, idle time, and active session pool.
  • These are also called parameters to resource plan directive.
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4. List some of the benefits of DRM?
  Following are the benefits of the DRM:
  • Enables you to limit the length of time a user session can stay idle and automatically terminates long running SQL statements and user sessions.
  • Sets the initial login priorities for various consumer groups.
  • Uses the concept of active session pool to specify the maximum number of concurrent active sessions for a consumer group.
  • The database resource manager will automatically queue all the subsequent requests until the currently running sessions complete.
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