Banking Gk Questions and Answers

33. Which of the following cannot be called a Debt instrument as referred in financial transaction?
  A.  Bonds
  B.  Stocks
  C.  Certificates of Deposits
  D.  Commercial Papers
Ans: B
34. The Monetary policy of India is announced by the
  A.  Union Finance Minister
  B.  Governor of the RBI
  C.  Prime Minister of India
  D.  Union Commerce Minister
Ans: B
Governor of the RBI
35. Which one of the following is NOT a function of Reserve Bank of India?
  A.  Credit control
  B.  As apex body of scheduled commercial banks
  C.  Credit creation
  D.  Formation of monetary policy
Ans: C
Credit creation
36. Which one of the following Indian banks is NOT a nationalized bank?
  A.  Corporation Bank
  B.  Federal Bank
  C.  Vijaya Bank
  D.  Dena Bank
Ans: B
Federal Bank
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