Biggest, Highest, Largest in the World

Planet, Biggest Jupiter
Planet, Brightest Venus
Building, Tallest in the World Teipei 101, Taiwan
Planet, Smallest Pluto
Plateau, Highest Pamir (Tibet)
Platform, Longest Kharagpur (India)
Railway, Largest Trans-Siberian Railway
Railway Station, Largest

Grand Central Terminal, Chicago(USA)

River, Longest Nile (Africa)
River, Largest Amazon (South America)
Sea Bird, Largest Albatross
Star, Brightest Sirius
Zoo, Largest Kruger National Park, South Africa
Water, Lowest Body Dead Sea
Waterfall, Highest Angel (Venezuela)
Wall, Longest  Great Wall of China
Volcano, Most Active Maunaloa (Hawaii-USA)
Volcano, Highest

Ojos del Salado (Andes, Ecuador)

Tunnel, Longest (Railway) Tanna (Japan)
Tramway, World’s First New York
Telescope, Largest Radio New Mexico (USA)

Statue, Tallest Statue  of Motherland

Volga grad (Russia)
Animal, Tallest Giraffe
Archipelago Largest Indonesia
Sea, Largest Mediterranean Sea
Lake, Deepest Baikal (Siberia)
Lake, Largest (Artificial) Lake Mead (Boulder Dam)
Lake, Highest Titicaca (Bolvia)
Lake, Largest (Salt Water) Caspian
Lake, Largest (Fresh Water) Superior
Mountain Peak, Highest Everest Nepal
Mountain Range Andes (South America)
Museum, Largest British Museum, London
Park, Largest

Yellow Stone National Park (USA)

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