Biodiversity General Knowledge Questions and Answers

9. Among the biotic components of the ecosystem the producer system is
  A.  Tiger
  B.  Green plants
  C.  Peacock
  D.  Cow
Ans: B
Green plants
10. The National Environmental Research Institute is located at
  A.  New Delhi
  B.  Jaipur
  C.  Nagpur
  D.  Dehradun
Ans: C
11. Which one of following is not helpful in maintaining ecological stability?
  A.  Ecosystem diversity
  B.  Ecosystem uniformity
  C.  Ecosystem complexity
  D.  Homeostatic mechanism
Ans: B
Ecosystem uniformity
12. The use of fossil fuels is responsible for the increase in the amount of which gas in the atmosphere?
  A.  Argon
  B.  Ozone
  C.  Carbon dioxide
  D.  Nitrogen
Ans: C
Carbon dioxide
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