Indian Geography Gk Questions and Answers

9. Of the following geographical regions of India which is not a plateau region?
  A.  Dharwad
  B.  Konkan
  C.  Malwa
  D.  Meghalaya
Ans: D
10. Almatti Dam is being constructed between which of the following pairs of states?
  A.  Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
  B.  Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
  C.  Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
  D.  Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
Ans: B
Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
11. On which of the following states has retreating monsoon during winter months?
  A.  Kerala
  B.  Punjab
  C.  Meghalaya
  D.  Tamil Nadu
Ans: D
Tamil Nadu
12. Which one of the following is an inland drainage area?
  A.  Sambhar area
  B.  Rann of kutch
  C.  Chilka region
  D.  Mansarovar lake
Ans: B
Rann of kutch
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