List of all Inventions and Inventors

Invention Inventor Country
Diesel Engine Rutherford Germany
CT scan Hounsfield Britain
Crossword Puzzle Arthur Wynne U.S.A.
Computer (mini) Digital Corp U.S.A.
Computer (laptop) Sinclair Britain
ZIP Fastener W.K. Judson U.S.A.
X-ray W.K. Roentgen Germany
Super Computer J.H. Van Tassel U.S.A.
Synthesizer Moog U.S.A.
Tank Sir Ernest D. Swington Britain
Tape Recorder Fessenden Poulsen Denmark
Telegraph M.Lammond France
Telegraph Code Samuel F.B. Morse U.S.A.
Telephone, Cellular Bell Labs U.S.A.
Telephone (Imperfect) Antonio Meucci Italy
Telescope Hans Lippershey Netherlands

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