Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Where found
Snake All over India
Lion Only in the Gir forest
Tiger Almost throughout India

The Himalayas,Sikkim and Bhutan


Almost in all forests throughout India


From the Himalayas to Peninsular India

Hyaena All over India
Bear All over India
Rhinoceros Assam and West Bengal

Western Ghats, Karnataka, Coorg,

The Nilgiris, Orissa, U.P.

Assam and West Bengal

Wild Sheep and Goat

Ladakh, Western Ghats,

The Himalayas, Nilgiris,

Punjab, Himachal Pradesh

and from the base of the Himalayas to Karnataka
Wild Oxe and Buffalo  Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka etc
Deer Kashmir, sub Himalayan Tract, U.P. M.P.,
Antelope Punjab and south of the Himalayas