Passage : Gandhiji had to travel by train from Durban to Pretoria in connection with his job. Once while travelling by train, he was asked by the write passengers to leave the first class compartment. He refused to do so. Thereafter he was pushed forcibly out of the compartment and his luggage was thrown on the platform. It was winter and he kept shivering all night. He did not go to the waiting room because the white men sleeping there might insult hin further. This event was a turning point in the life of Gandhiji and he decided to stay back in South Africa and fight against this blatant injustice.
1. The white people asked Gandhiji to abandon the first class compartment because
  A.  they wanted to annoy him.
  B.  they wanted to avenge themselves on Gandhiji.
  C.  they treated Indians as infereior to them.
  D.  they were looking for a chance to talk to him.
2. Why was he thrown out of the compartment? Because
  A. he misbehaved with the whites.
  B. they wanted him to spend the night in the waiting room.
  C. they wanted to insult him.
  D. he refused to shift to the van compartment.

3. Why did he not go to the waiting room to spend the night?
  A.  The room was unclean.
  B.  He wanted to sleep in the open.
  C.  He was badly hurt and so couldnot move to the room.
  D.  He feared that the White men there might insult him further.
4. This event was a turning point in the life of Gandhiji. The event being talked about here is
  A.  Gandhiji spending night on the platform.
  B.  Gandhiji being ill treated by the whites.
  C.  Gandhiji's travel by a train.
  D.  Gandhiji's staying back in South Africa.
5. Gandhiji stayed back in South Africa.
  A.  to avenge himself on the Whites who had insulted him.
  B.  to fight against racial discrimination in Africa.
  C.  to build up an army and fight against the White people.
  D.  because his work was still not complete.
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