Double Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Choose from the given words below the two sentences, I and II, that word which can substitute the italicised words in both the sentences.
1. I. The message was written on a piece of paper.
II. Gautam got into a fight with his classmate.
  A.  Fist
  B.  Scrap
  C.  Grab
  D.  Brush
2. I. He is frank in his dealings with others.
II. The offer for the job is still available.
  A. Plain
  B. Honest
  C. Due
  D. Open

3. I. His aloof behaviour is an indication of his arrogance.
II. During our field visits we visited remote parts of Rajasthan.
  A.  Inner
  B.  Depressed
  C.  Distant
  D.  Far–off
4. I. Sathish was going to the library when he met me.
II. The newspapers carried the news about the murder with a large caption.
  A.  Starting
  B.  Beginning
  C.  Heading
  D.  Venturing

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