Double Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Choose from the given words below the two sentences, I and II, that word which can substitute the italicised words in both the sentences.
25. I. I saw your photograph with that fat fellow.
II. I cannot do this work, was my instantaneous reply.
  A.  Curt
  B.  Plump
  C.  Stout
  D.  Prompt
26. I. The government decided to start a new series of lectures called the 'Honour Lecture Series.'
II. The decision to set up a new University in that town was welcomed by the people.
  A.  Plan
  B.  Build
  C.  Manage
  D.  Institute

27. I. The story is so dramatic that one cannot guess the ultimate result.
II. I could not understand the purpose of his visit.
  A.  Lot
  B.  End
  C.  Motive
  D.  Consequence
28. I. Stars emit light.
II. The poor farmer lived in a small hut.
  A.  Cote
  B.  Shed
  C.  Dwell
  D.  Shade
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