Reconstruction of Sentences

DIRECTIONS : Choose the correct combination of the given words.
1. The Buddha
(P) who had
(Q) set views
(R) was opposed to all these
(S) or closed to all those
  A.  PQRS
  B.  RPQS
  C.  SRPQ
  D.  PQSR
2. The leader's public meeting was disrupted
(P) by a section of the audience
(Q) any firm assurance
(R) he had not given them
(S) who felt that for the solution of their problems

3. You must leave a note
(P) otherwise she will be terribly worried
(Q) for your mother
(R) at the usual hour
(S) if you are not back home
  A.  QPRS
  B.  SRQP
  C.  SRPQ
  D.  QPSR
4. According to an engineer
(P) might hit the market next year
(Q) a newly developed air cooler system
(R) that employed in conventional room coolers
(S) which is based on a principle radically different from
  A.  PQRS
  B.  SQRP
  C.  QSRP
  D.  RSQP
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