Sentence Improvement

DIRECTIONS : In each question, a part of sentence is printed italics. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substtute the italicised part of the sentence.
1. Prasanna has got many friends because he has got much money.
  A.  bags of money
  B.  enough money
  C.  a lot of money
  D.  no improvement
2. He gave the I.A.S. examination in all seriousness.
  A. undertook
  B. took
  C. appeared
  D. no improvement

3. He has very good command on English.
  A.  of
  B.  in
  C.  over
  D.  no improvement
4. I waited for half an hour for my friend, but he didn't turn in.
  A.  turn up
  B.  turn around
  C.  turn about
  D.  no improvement
5. I complimented him for his success in the examination.
  A.  on
  B.  at
  C.  about
  D.  no improvement