C#.Net Interview Question and Answers

76. Which is an exclusive feature of C#?
  Xml documentation.
77. Is using of exceptions in C# recommended?
  Yes, exceptions are the recommended error handling mechanism in .NET Framework.
78. What does a break statement do in switch statements?
  • The break statement terminates the loop in which it exists. It also changes the flow of the execution of a program.
  • In switch statements, the break statement is used at the end of a case statement. The break statement is mandatory in C# and it avoids the fall through of one case statement to another.
79. Is C# object oriented?
  Yes, C# is an OO language in the tradition of java and C++.
80. What is smart navigation?
  The cursor position is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the page gets refreshed.