C#.Net Interview Question and Answers

96. Can a class or a struct have multiple constructors?
  Yes, a class or a struct can have multiple constructors. Constructors in C# can be overloaded.
97. Can you create an instance of an interface?
  No, you cannot create an instance of an interface.
98. Can an Interface contain fields?
  No, an Interface cannot contain fields.
99. Can a class have static constructor?
  Yes, a class can have static constructor. Static constructors are called automatically, immediately before any static fields are accessed, and are generally used to initialize static class members. It is called automatically before the first instance is created or any static members are referenced. Static constructors are called before instance constructors. An example is shown below.
100. What is the main use of delegates in C#?
  Delegates are mainly used to define call back methods.