VB.Net Interview Question and Answers

1. What is VB.NET?
  VB.Net is a windows based programming language.It supports oops concept.
Rishi Kant Dubey, says Jan 28,2014
VB.Net is a Native Language of .Net Framework and Window based programming language as well as support oops Concept.
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2. What are all the parts of .Net Framework?
  • Common Language Runtime
  • .Net Framework Class Library
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3. What is Difference between Namespace and Assembly?
  Namespace is a collection of different classes.
Whereas an assembly is the basic building blocks of the .net framework.
Sankarsai, said Jan 01,2015
Namespace is a container of classes, methods, delegates, event etc whereas assembly is a package which contains all this including namespaces. An assembly will be a .exe or .dll file which will be generated after compiling the code.
Prem, said Mar 08,2014
Namespace is considered as a containger that contains functionality related grps of class and other types.
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4. What is the difference between early binding and late binding?
  • Calling a non–virtual method, decided at a compile time is known as early binding.
  • Calling a virtual method (Pure Polymorphism), decided at a runtime is known as late binding.
Atul Yadav, said Sep 10, 2014
In early binding it decide on compile that which method will call but in late binding this is decide on run time. early binding achieve by method overloading and late binding achieve by method overriding.
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5. What is Intermediate Langauge?
  Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL or IL) is the CPU -independent instruction set into which .Net framework programs are compiled. It contains instructions for loading, storing initializing, and calling methods on objects.
Shaikh nigar,says May 06,2014
MSIL includes instructions for Arethmatic and logic operation. It is also known as Microsoft Itermediate language.
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