GK Questions and Answers for IBPS Bank Exams

21. The lowering of Bank Rate by the Reserve Bank of India leads to
  A.  More liquidity in the market
  B.  Less liquidity in the market
  C.  No change in the liquidity in the market
  D.  Mobilization of more deposits by commercial banks
Ans: A
More liquidity in the market
22. Bank deposits that can be withdrawn without notice are called
  A.  Account payee deposits
  B.  Fixed deposits
  C.  Variable deposits
  D.  Demand deposits
Ans: D
Demand deposits
23. Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations have been introduced in financial transactions under the regulation of
  A.  Banking Companies Act
  B.  Companies Act
  C.  Prevention of money Laundering Act
  D.  Reserve Bank of India Act
Ans: C
Prevention of money Laundering Act
24. Which of the following is NOT the part of the scheduled banking structure in India?
  A.  Private Sector Banks
  B.  Public Sector Banks
  C.  Moneylenders
  D.  Regional Rural Banks
Ans: C
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