GK Questions and Answers for IBPS Bank Exams

25. Quantitative credit controls do not include
  A.  Back rate
  B.  Cash reserve ration
  C.  Open market operations
  D.  RBI directives
Ans: D
RBI directives
26. Government of India, for the first time nationalized 14 large Commercial Banks in the year
  A.  1956
  B.  1959
  C.  1961
  D.  1969
Ans: D
27. India’s largest Commercial Bank is
  A.  Central Bank of India
  B.  State Bank of India
  C.  Indian Overseas Bank
  D.  Bank of India
Ans: B
State Bank of India
28. Which of the following acts as a mediator between those who have surplus funds and those who are in need of these funds?
  A.  The president
  B.  RBI
  C.  Bank
  D.  The government
Ans: C
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