Cognos Interview Question and Answers

6. What are the types of prompt in Cognos?
  • Value prompt
  • Text Prompt
  • Date prompt
  • Time prompt
  • Date and time prompt
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7. What is Drill Through?
  Drill-through reporting allows you to link from one report to another. You can drill through in a number of ways.
A Drill Through id developed with two reports.
1. Parent Report
2. Child Report.
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8. What are the components of Report Net?
  • Framework manager
  • Cognos connection
  • Query Studio
  • Report Studio
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9. What is difference between content store and content manager?
  A content store is a data base which stores the meta data of the reports.
But where as a content manager is a service which is available in dispatcher. which it manages the security.
Akanksha,says Feb 22,2014
Content Manager is a service available in dispatcher which manages the content store. It manages the insertion, updation, editing of content store.It also Performs object manipulation functions such as add, update, delete, move and copy and performs import and export tasks.
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10. What is the difference between Stand–alone and Embedded filter?
    There are two types of filters :
  • Stand–alone : to reuse the expression.
  • Embedded : to use a filter with only one dimension or query subject.
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