Business object Interview Question and Answers

1. What is a Business Objects Repository?
  • The Business Objects repository is a centralized set of relational data structures stored on a database.
  • This relational device enables BUSINESSOBJECTS and WEBINTELLIGENCE users to share resources in a controlled and secured environment.
  • The repository is made up of three domains: the security domain, the universe domain, and the document domain.
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2. What are the different methods by which we can link the universes?
  There are three approaches available for linking universes
  • The kernel approach
  • The master approach
  • The component approach
The kernel approach:
  • With the kernel approach, one universe contains the core components.
  • These are the components common in all universes.
  • The derived universes that you create from this kernel universe contain these core components as well as their own specific components.
Master Approach:
  • In this approach, one master universe holds all possible components. In the universes derived from this master, certain components are hidden; in other words, the components visible in the derived universes are a subset of the master universe.
Component Approach:
  • It involves merging two or more universes into one universe.
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3. What is BO?
  BO is an excellent tool for generation of reports, carrying out detailed analysis, graphical presentation of the results and generation of alerts.
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4. What is a universe?
  • Universe is a business - oriented mapping of the data structure found in the database. i.e., tables, columns, join. Universes consists the set of classes, which is the collections of objects.
  • A universe is a set of classes and objects intended for a specific application or group of users.
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