C# Interview Question and Answers

6. What is the difference between Java and C#?
  • C# has more primitive data types.
  • C# data types are objects.
  • C# uses const to declare a class constant.
  • C# supports the struct type.
  • C# provides better versioning support than Java.
  • C# support enumerations.
  • Switch statement can have integer or string expression.
  • Catch blocks should be ordered properly in C#.
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7. Which namespace is used to perform the I/O operations in C#?
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8. Name the applications created by the C# .NET?
  C# can be used for a variety of applications that are supported by the .NET Platform. The most important applications are.
  • Console applications
  • Windows applications
  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • Developing .NET component library
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9. What is for each statement in C#?
  • The for each statement is similar to the for statement but implemented differently.
  • It is used to enumerate the contents of a collection such as array, list, and hash table.
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10. What is called fall through in C#?
  • In the absence of the break statement in a case block, and the control move to the next case block without any problem then it is called as fall through.
  • C# does not permit the fall through. Where as C, C++, Java permits.
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