OOPs Interview Question and Answers

16. Define Operator and Operand.
  • An operator is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematical or logical manipulations.
  • It is used to manipulate data and variables.
  • The data items that the operators act upon are called operands.
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17. What is called ternary operator?
  • The ternary operator is used to form a conditional expression.
  • It uses three operands and hence it is called as a ternary operator.
  • The general format is:
  • expression1? expression2: expression3
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18. What is the use of lock statement?
  • The lock statement is used to implement the mechanism of mutual exclusion of critical sections.
  • An object is locked until it completes the execution of its embedded statement and then the lock is released
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19. What is checked and Unchecked Operator?
  • These operators are used in arithmetic operations for overflow checking.
  • If an operation is checked, and over flow error will be thrown when an over flow occurs.
  • If it is not checked, the error is not reported and the overflowing bits are discarded.
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20. List out the Special Operators in C#.
  • is, as - relational operator
  • type of - type operator
  • size of - size operator
  • new - object creator
  • .(dot) - member access operator
  • checked - overflow checking
  • unchecked - prevention of overflow checking.
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