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5. Name some of the CORBA development tools?
  • Sun’s JOE: Java Object Environment (available with JDK1.2)
  • IONA’s ObixWeb
  • Visigenics VisiBroker (being supported by Netscape and Oracle)
  • IBM’s BOSS (Business Object Server Solution)
  • Hp’s ORB Plus.
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6. Explain Naming Service in CORBA?
  • The object naming service is the principal mechanism for objects on an ORB to locate other objects.
  • Names are humanly recognizable values that identify an object. The naming service map these human names to object references.
  • A name to object association is called a name binding. A naming context is a name space in which the object's name is unique. Every object has a unique reference ID.
  • A name is always a defined relative to its naming context.
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7. What are the ORBlets?
  • CORBA - enabled applets can be loaded, on client-side, into any commercial Java enabled browser and can then be executed.
  • These downloadable ORBs are also called ORBlets.
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8. What is an Object Implementation defined in ORB Architecture?
  • An Object Implementation is a definition that provides the information needed to create an object and to allow the object to participate in providing an appropriate set of services.
  • An implementation, typically, includes definitions of methods that operate upon the state of an object.
  • It also typically includes information about the intended type of the object.
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