Banking Gk Questions and Answers

13. The Head of the State Bank of India (SBI) is designated as
  A.  Executive Director
  B.  Deputy Governor
  C.  Governor
  D.  Chairman
Ans: D
14. NABARD was established on the recommendation of
  A.  Narsimham Committee
  B.  Shivaraman Committee
  C.  Public Accounts Committee
  D.  None of these
Ans: B
Shivaraman Committee
15. The value of which of the following foreign currencies is maximum in terms of rupees?
  A.  Dinar
  B.  Riyal
  C.  British Pound
  D.  US Dollar
Ans: C
British Pound
16. Expand the term LIBOR?
  A.  London Inter Bank Operational Rate
  B.  London Inter Bank Offsite Rate
  C.  London Inter Bank Onsite Rate
  D.  London Inter Bank Offered Rate
Ans: D
London Inter Bank Offered Rate
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