PL/SQL Interview Question and Answers

1. What is dynamic SQL?
  • Dynamic SQL is used by PL/SQL to execute Data Definition Language (DDL) statements, Data Control (DCL) statements, or Transaction Control statements within PL/SQL blocks.
  • These statements are not stored within the source code but are stored as character variables in the program.
  • The SQL statements are created dynamically at runtime by using variables. This is used either using native dynamic SQL or through the DBMS_SQL package.
2. Does dynamic SQL support all SQL data types?
  Yes, dynamic SQL supports all SQL data types. It is possible to define variables and bind arguments of collection type, LOBS and REFs.
3. What is the difference between BLOG and CLOG?
  The BLOG datatype is used to store a binary large object, such as a video image file;
whereas, the CLOB datatype is used to store a character large object.
4. Which Oracle package is used for scheduling jobs?
  The DBMS_JOB package is used for scheduling and executing PL/SQL programs.
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