Asp.Net Interview Question and Answers for Experienced

6. Which class does the web page belong to in ASP.Net?
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7. How to manage state in ASP.Net?
  There are several ways to manage a state.
  • ViewState
  • QueryString
  • Cookies
  • Session
  • Application
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8. Define view state?
  Information such as the state of controls on a web form is stored in a hidden view state field that is part of the page generated by the server and passed to the user.
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9. Explain ASP.NET Application Life Cycle?
  The ASP.NET Application Life Cycle refers to all the stages that occur when an ASP.NET application is run. A brief outline is as given below:
  • When a request for an application arrives at a web server, it is passed to the ASP.NET to serve the request.
  • ASP.NET creates the application domain for the application to isolate it from other applications.
  • All the top-level items in the application are compiled including the App _ Code folder.
  • ASP.NET core objects along with Request, response, and Context objects are created for the request.
  • The application is started by creating the Http Application object and Session handling mechanism.
  • Several events takes place to successfully manage the Request and Response of the application.
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10. What are features of ASP.NET?
  Following are the features of ASP.NET:
    HTML and XML both are based on Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), but
  • ASP.NET has better language support.
  • ASP.NET contains a large set of new controls that includes HTML controls, object–oriented input controls, grid controls etc.
  • ASP.NET allows user accounts and roles making the task of authentication and assigning permissions quite easy.
  • ASP.NET caches the compiled code in memory hence increasing performance.
  • Configuring ASP.NET is quite easy.
  • The procedure of deploying applications in ASP.NET is very easy.
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