DIRECTIONS : Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.
6. What is the direction of rotation of the earth on its axis?
  A.  West to East
  B.  East to West
  C.  North to South
  D.  South to North
7. Which of the following is the largest of the inner planets?
  A.  Earth
  B.  Mars
  C.  Jupiter
  D.  Venus

8. Heat received by earth from the Sun is known as
  A.  Solar heat
  B.  Insolation
  C.  Thermal radiation
  D.  Solar radiation
9. Which of the following planets is the closest to the sun?
  A.  Earth
  B.  Venus
  C.  Mars
  D.  Mercury
10. Which of the following is the brightest planet?
  A.  Jupiter
  B.  Mercury
  C.  Saturn
  D.  Venus
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