Question based on Biology
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Biology.
86. Marginal placentation is characteristic feature of
  A.  Malvaceae
  B.  Asteraceae
  C.  Cucurbitaceae
  D.  Fabaceae
87. Example for berry type fruit is __________
  A.  Tomato
  B.  Mango
  C.  Jack
  D.  Papaya

88. Who of the following is known as the Father of Biology?
  A.  Darwin
  B.  Lamarck
  C.  Aristotle
  D.  Theophrastus
89. Sago is obtained from
  A.  Pinus
  B.  Cycus
  C.  Ginkgo
  D.  Sellaginella
90. Which of the following is a plant hormone?
  A.  Auxin
  B.  Insuline
  C.  Adreneline
  D.  Oxytocin

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