Computer Objective Questions

DIRECTIONS : Computer MCQ Questions
1. A modem is connected in between a telephone line and a ____
  A.  Parallel port
  B.  Computer
  C.  Serial port
  D.  Communication adaptor
2. Compiler is a ___
  A. Application software
  B. System software
  C. Process
  D. Package

3. The term 'Pentium' is related to what?
  A.  Microprocessor
  B.  DVD
  C.  Hard disk
  D.  Mouse
4. Memory management is a feature of _____
  A.  Animation
  B.  Processor
  C.  Operating system
  D.  MS Word
5. Software designed for a specific purpose/ application such as pay calculations, processing of examination results etc. are known as ___
  A.  Application software
  B.  Customized software
  C.  System software
  D.  Utility software

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