SAP User Security Interview Question and Answers

5. What is ITS?
  • ITS stands for Internet Transaction Server.
  • It provides an interface between web server and sap internet application components.
  • It changes the data in screen of R/3 system into HTML format and vice versa.
  • It is very helpful in developing and testing full fledged web transactions.
  • All components of the transaction can be stored in R/3 system, including those which are used at run time.
  • It supports the development of automatic processing of language and converts it into HTML dependent language at run time.
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6. What is SAP R/3?
  SAP is the System Applications and Products in Data Processing, developed by German company in 1972 in Walldorf.
'R' stands for Real time data processing and 3 stands for Three tier architecture.
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7. What is LUW?
  • LUW is a Logical Unit of Work which is used to process the integration of transaction.
  • This transaction acts as a locking technique.
  • It involves series of steps in the transaction.
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8. What are the types of LUW?
  In the SAP system there are two types of LUW:
  • Database LUW – It is the method that ensures the consistency of data in the database. LUW is an inseparable sequence of database operations that ends with a database commit. Once a database LUW is executed successfully then database will become consistent. Database LUW is either fully executed or not at all. In case any error occurs within database LUW, database will go back in the original state.
  • SAP LUW – It is a logical unit comprising various dialog steps. In SAP LUW, changes to database have been made in single database LUW. It can be executed using a sequence of different work processes and handle many dialog steps.
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