SAP User Security Interview Question and Answers

20. Explain the features of ABAP workbench?
    The main features of ABAP workbench are as follows
  • Ensures integration of information as it allows transfer of developing among systems.
  • Provides support to common and standard graphical user interface.
  • Ensures communication among the other systems, with the help of SAP middleware interface.
  • Allows easy distribution of application among servers.
  • Uses ABAP open SQL or native SQL for handling the corresponding database.
  • Supports Remote Functional Call (RFC) for making communication with external applications.
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21. Explain the origin of SAP R/3?
  • The first version SAP enterprise was R/1, which came into existence in the year 1970.
  • The SAP R/1 version is used for performing financial accounting.
  • In 1980, with the invention of mainframe-based application, SAP R/2 came into existence.
  • SAP R/2 was helpful to multinational European companies that required business application which has soft-real-time capability.
  • These companies also required software having multi-language and multi-currency capability.
  • In 1999, SAP R/3 came up with the invention of distributed client-server model.
  • It was a client version of software. It was officially launched on 6th July 1992.
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22. Explain the various ABAP workbench tools?
  The main tools and utilities for performing development related tasks are as following:
  • ABAP Editor – Write and maintain ABAP program, edit screens, functional modules and screens.
  • Screen Painter – Design and maintain the graphical user interface screen for client server environment
  • Menu painter – Design the user interface that is; menu bar, standard toolbar, application toolbar, function key assignment.
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