Logical Puzzles

46. Out of 100 women surveyed leaving Harrods, 83 had a white bag, 77 had black shoes, 62 carried an umbrella and 95 wore a ring. What is the minimum number of women who must have had all four items?
Add the number of items together, which gives 83 + 77 + 62 + 95 = 317 among 100 women.
This gives three items to each and four items to 17 of these women.
The least number of women to have all three items is, therefore, 17.
47. Insert three body parts (each three letters long) into the gaps to complete the words below
W– – – Y
E– – – Y
T– – – E
ear, leg and rib, to make weary, elegy and tribe.
48. What is an orris?
a. pepper
b. horse
c. flower
d. architrave
c. flower