PL/SQL Interview Question and Answers

21. Which are the subprograms of the DBMS_JOB package?
  The subprograms of teh DBMS_JOB package are as follows:
  • Submit - Submits a job to the job queue
  • REMOVE - Removes the specified job from the job queue
  • CHANGE - Alters the specified job that has already been submitted to the job queue
  • WHAT - Alters the specified job
  • NEXT_DATE - Alters the execution time
  • INTERVAL - Alters the interval between execution of specified job
  • BROKEN - Disables the job execution
  • RUN - Forces a specified job to be executed
22. What is the meaning of signature of a procedure?
  The signature of a procedure refers to
  • The name of the procedure
  • The datatype of the parameters
  • The modes of the parameters
  • The number of parameters
  • The datatype of the return value in case of function
23. Which constraints are allowed for LOB objects?
  The NULL and NOT NULL constraints are allowed for LOB objects.
24. What is the use of DBMS_TRANSACTION PACKAGE?
  The DBMS_TRANSACTION package controls logical transactions and improves the performance of short and non distributed transactions.
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