GK Questions and Answers for IBPS Bank Exams

17. Narsimham Committee recommended to make banking structure of the country
  A.  2 tier
  B.  3 tier
  C.  4 tier
  D.  5 tier
Ans: C
4 tier
18. Where are the headquarters of World Bank Situated?
  A.  New York
  B.  Geneva
  C.  Manila
  D.  Washington DC
Ans: D
Washington DC
19. Increase in net RBI credit for Central Government represents
  A.  budgetary deficit
  B.  revenue deficit
  C.  monetised deficit
  D.  fiscal deficit
Ans: C
monetised deficit
20. What is the full form of NBFC as used in the financial sector?
  A.  New business Finance and credit
  B.  New Banking Finance Company
  C.  National Banking and Finance Corporation
  D.  None of the above
Ans: A
New Banking Finance Company
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