Informatica Interview Question and Answers

9. What is a surrogate key?
  • A surrogate key is an artificial or synthetic key that is used as a substitute for a natural key. It is just a unique identifier or number for each row that can be used for the primary key to the table.
  • It is useful because the natural primary key (i.e. Customer Number in Customer table) can change and this makes updates more difficult.
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10. What are the designer tools for creating tranformations?
  • Mapping designer
  • Tansformation developer
  • Mapplet designer
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11. What are the reusable transforamtions?
  • Reusable transformations can be used in multiple mappings.
  • When you need to incorporate this transformation into maping, you add an instance of it to maping.
  • Later if you change the definition of the transformation ,all instances of it inherit the changes.
  • Since the instance of reusable transforamation is a pointer to that transforamtion, You can change the transforamation in the transformation developer,its instances automatically reflect these changes.
  • This feature can save you great deal of work.
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12. What are the join types in joiner transformation?
  • Normal (Default)
  • Master outer
  • Detail outer
  • Full outer
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