World Geography

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
56. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is
  A.  Silicon
  B.  Aluminium
  C.  Carbon
  D.  Hydrogen
57. Which of the following is used as a material for making protective windows in space probes?
  A.  Tungsten
  B.  Graphite
  C.  Diamond
  D.  Steel

58. Which of the following sea ports is the largest exporter of iron ore from India?
  A.  Calcutta
  B.  Vishakhapatnam
  C.  Bombay
  D.  Kandla
59. Which state has the largest length of roads?
  A.  Uttar Pradesh
  B.  Andhra Pradesh
  C.  Maharashtra
  D.  Bihar
60. The Kakarpara project is on the river
  A.  Mahanadi
  B.  Narmada
  C.  Tapi
  D.  Kosi