Business object Interview Question and Answers

53. What are the types of connections or types of universe?
  Designer provides three types of connections: secured, shared, and personal.
  • Personal: Universe can be accessed by a single user or A single user can query the data from database.
  • Sharing: multiple user can send queries to database.
  • Secure: This is the default connection type. A universe can be accessed by multiple users and can send multiple queries to the database.
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54. What is List of Values (LOV)?
  • A list of values contains the data values associated with an object.
  • These data values can originate from a corporate database, or a flat file such as a text file or Excel file.
  • In Designer you create a list of values by running a query from the Query Panel.
  • You can then view, edit, purge, refresh, and even export this file.
  • A list of values is stored as an .lov file in a subfolder of the UserDocs folder.
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55. What is restriction?
  A restriction is a condition which reduces the number of records displayed in the record.
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56. What is a Chasm trap?
  • Many to one joins from two fact tables converge on a single lookup table.
  • This type of join convergence is called a Chasm trap.
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