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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Books and Authors.
36. Who said ‘Man is a political animal’?
  A.  Socrates
  B.  Plato
  C.  Dante
  D.  Aristotle
37. Panchatantra has been written by
  A.  Surdas
  B.  Kalidas
  C.  Vishnu Sharma
  D.  Vishakhadatta

38. Who among the following is a famous literary writer in English?
  A.  Arun Shourie
  B.  K.A. Abbas
  C.  R.K.Laxman
  D.  Kuldip Nagar
39. Which of the following books is written by R.N. Tagore?
  A.  Anand Math
  B.  Chidambara
  C.  Rakta Karabi
  D.  Durgesh Nandini
40. Who said, Child is the father of Man?
  A.  Lord Byron
  B.  William Wordsworth
  C.  Shakespeare
  D.  John Keats
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