Computer Knowledge and Literature

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
26. The disk placed for the easy reading on computer is
  A.  Hard drive
  B.  Disk drive
  C.  Modem
  D.  USB Port
27. Which of the following provides the means of information for separate keys and separate instructions?
  A.  Scanner
  B.  Mouse
  C.  Keyboard
  D.  Modem

28. The primary output device for computers is a
  A.  Video monitor
  B.  Printer
  C.  Keyboard
  D.  Mouse
29. Personal computers can be connected together to form a
  A.  Server
  B.  Network
  C.  Enterprise
  D.  Supercomputer
30. Which of the following is the Hardware?
  A.  Programme
  B.  Software
  C.  Mouse attached with computer
  D.  Electric Light Bulb