Indian Economy

Indian Economy
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Economy.
1. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was established in
  A.  1947
  B.  1952
  C.  1951
  D.  1950
2. Which of the following taxes is a progressive tax?
  A. income tax
  B. custom tax
  C. sales tax
  D. excise duty

3. Who is called the father of Economics?
  A.  Adam Smith
  B.  Max Muller
  C.  Karl Marx
  D.  None of these
4. The concept of five years plans in india was introduced by
  A.  Lord Mountbatten
  B.  Jawaharlal Nehru
  C.  Indira Gandhi
  D.  Lal Bahadhur Shastr
5. According to population census 2001, the state of largest density of population is
  A.  Maharashtr
  B.  Uttar Pradesh
  C.  West Bengal
  D.  Bihar

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