Inventions and Discoveries

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
21. Who invented Radar?
  A.  Humphry Davy
  B.  Max Planck
  C.  Robert Watson watt
  D.  Henry Becquerel
22. Electromagnetic induction is used in
  A.  Galvanometers
  B.  Thermocouple
  C.  Generators
  D.  None of these

23. Barometer was invented by
  A.  Thomas Barrow
  B.  Torricelli
  C.  Rutherford
  D.  Roentgen
24. The credit of the discovery of antibiotic Penicillin goes to
  A.  Robert Hooke
  B.  Alexander Flemming
  C.  J.H.Perrin
  D.  Shockley
25. E = mc2 was theorised by
  A.  Newton
  B.  Rutherford
  C.  Einstein
  D.  Max Planck
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