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Palm Power invests its user with the power of silent authority.There are three main palm command gestures: the Palm-Up position, the Palm-Down position and the Palm-Closed- i Finger-Pointed position. The differences of the three positions are shown in this example.

Palm up = non threatening

The Power Is in Your Hands given them an order to move the item and may begin to feel antagonistic towards you, depending on your relationship with him or the position you have with him in a work environment.

Palm down - authority

The Palm-Closed-Finger-Pointed is a fist where the pointed finger is used like a symbolic club with which the speaker figuratively beats his listeners into submission. Subconsciously, it evokes negative feelings in others because it precedes a right over-arm blow, a primal move most primates use in a physical attack.

Pointing finger - ’Do it or else!‚