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Zone Distances

Evaluations or Decision Cluster

The Intimate Zone between 6 and 18 inches (15-45 centimetres).Of all the zone distances, this is by far the most important, as it is this zone that a person guards as if it were 194 Space Invaders - Territories and Personal Space his own property.

The Personal Zone between 18 inches and 48 inches (46cm - 1.22m). This is the distance that we stand from others at cocktail parties, office parties, social functions and friendly gatherings.

The Social Zone between 4 and 12 feet (1.22- - 3.6m). We stand at this distance from strangers, the plumber or carpenter doing repairs around our home, the postman, the local shopkeeper, the new employee at work and people whom we don’t know very well.

The Public Zone is over 12 feet (3.6m). Whenever we address a large group of people, this is the comfortable distance at which we choose to stand.